Tulsa Data Recovery

Tulsa Data Recovery

All about our Tulsa Data Recovery service.

Do you have a failing or failed hard drive?  Let us help you with your Tulsa data recovery project! We can recover most data. Some of the software we use, such as Stellar Data Recovery, help us achieve up to 100% recovery of your files! Contact us at 918-544-2500 for details.

What are the signs of a failing hard drive?

There are many signs that a hard drive is about to fail. If you’re experiencing some of the symptoms below, it’s imperative that you stop using that drive to increase the chances of data recovery! Some of the common signs are:

• Windows keeps crashing

• Your files or folders changing to cryptic names

• Your files or folders are missing

• Your computer takes too long to access files

• You open a once working file that is now corrupt

• You hear strange noises coming from your hard drive

How much does it cost?

The cost of data recovery can depend on several factors. If you stop using your computer right about the time the above problems start appearing, the chances of recovery are much higher. That reduces the amount of time we have to spend trying to recover the data, which reduces your cost. We also understand that sometimes you aren’t given any warning and your hard drive may have failed you completely with no notice. With this type of situation, will have to invest more time in recovering your data which can increase the cost. Give us a call at 918-544-2500 to discuss your situation. We're your Tulsa Data Recovery experts!

Can you get all of my data back?

We can’t guarantee 100% data recovery. Many factors come into play on how much of your data we are able to retrieve. We can definitely focus on trying to get back the most important data you need first if you’re on a tight budget. We would be happy to run a free scan on the hard drive and give you an estimate of how much data we think we might be able to retrieve and give you a cost quote from that data analysis. We use top-of-the-line data recovery tools. So you can rest assured that will recover the most data possible that fits your budget.

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