How To Unlock Any Cellphone

You may have a phone that's locked and probably do if you bought it in the US with a contract. Unless that contract is paid off, you're stuck with that carrier. Well not any more! has a lot of experience getting these restrictions removed so you can use any SIM card with your phone. This is especially important when you want to go abroad or even switch to a better carrier. 

Follow the instructions below to get your phone unlocked:

1. Visit

Your first step in this process is the visit their website and start with their free code lookup. You'll need to enter your phone brand, the model, and the network that it's on. If you're on T-Mobile, Verizon or another carrier that has an application to unlock the phone, but you're getting an error saying you're not eligible--they have this covered, too! T-mobile customers will need to visit their page for the T-Mobile Unlock App and follow the instructions on that page.

2. Enter Your Data

Once you enter your phone brand, model, and the network your on, you'll come to a screen with information about your particular unlock with tons of great information. On the right, you'll see a place to enter your IMEI to continue and have the company send you your unlock code or remotely unlock it if needed.

3. Enjoy Your Unlocked Phone

Once you've entered your IMEI, filled out your billing details, and placed the order you'll get an email confirmation with final instructions on how to enter the unlock code and an estimated delivery time of when you'll get it.