5 Reasons Every Web Developer Should Be Using a CDN

If you’re a web developer, odds are you have used jQuery and implemented a YouTube video on a website. You’ve also probably encountered website speed issues with a CMS such as Drupal. There are several private content delivery networks, such as CloudFlare and MaxCDN. We’ll talk about those in a minute. The number one benefit of using a CDN is page speed boost. At its basic core, a CDN will cache files for you across servers all over the world.

Browse The Web Without Ads

Everyone has encountered the pesky advertisements on websites that seem to never go away. Fortunately, there's a great solution for that. It also packs other benefits as well, such as blocking tracking, malware domains, and the video ads on Facebook and YouTube. Currently there isn't support for Internet Explorer (aka Edge), however Firefox and Chrome work very well with it. On top of that, it's FREE. It really is a night and day difference not having all the ads in your face 24/7.

Free SSL Certificates

Let's Encrypt is a new Certificate Authority that's free, automated, and open. They're handing out free SSL Certificates to help secure the internet. They're sponsored by Facebook, Cisco, Mozilla, and other large companies. Check out their website: