5 Things You Need to Do Before Firing Your IT Guy

If you’re reading this article, chances are, you might be facing the difficult choice to fire your IT Guy (or Gal). Maybe they aren’t answering your emails or phone calls or perhaps your last invoice was written up to provide a nice payday instead of excellent service for your company.  Whatever the reason may be, you’ll want to read the bullet points below before you pull the trigger.


3 Unusual Ways Hackers Can Compromise Your Account

I was at a local auto salvage the other day looking for a spare car part. There were probably 500 cars total in this particular salvage yard. I stumbled upon something interesting in one car. There was a business card with the URL, username, and password to a student account portal. This wasn’t written down by someone, rather printed by a company and given to this individual.

How to Optimize Your Website for Speed

Do you feel like your website is stuck in first gear? Does it take forever to load the homepage and other landing pages? We'll talk about several different bottlenecks that cause these kinds of issues and how to optimize your website for speed. If you don't feel comfortable fixing them yourself, email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 918-544-2500 and we'll be glad to help!